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    The process is very simple.

    • Our services are NOT debt review or debt counselling, nor legal administration
    • There are NO court or legislative processes
    • We simply determine who you owe money to
    • We then ascertain how much you can afford to pay each month
    • To perform the above assessment, we will bill you R685 once off
    • Should you wish to continue with the process, we will determine:
      • An affordable monthly amount in consultation with you
      • Which of our services you need
      • Whether you will be paying your creditors directly, or whether we will do it for you
    • We negotiate an affordable monthly instalment with everyone you owe money to
    • The amount you pay is divided between everyone you owe money to over a period of time
    • Our service to you is NOT listed on the credit bureaus

    Who is Finwell Legal Services?

    Finwell Legal Services (Pty) Ltd offers millions of consumers the opportunity to get out of debt and to look towards a sound financial future.

    Who is Finwell Legal Services ideal client?

    Anyone who is possibly looking for a personal loan or maybe they have been declined, employed permanently and don’t know the reason?

    How do I go about sourcing potential customers?

    • Approach your friends and or immediate family members (tell them about this fantastic opportunity you have to make money, while assisting financially distressed customers)
    • Go out into your local communities and approach people
    • Make appointments at your local schools, clinics and or police stations and promote Finwell Legal Services.

    Engaging with the a potential customer
    Introduce yourself
    Ask the customer if they have a couple of minutes to spare
    Ask them if they require a personal loan?
    Tell them that you have a business partner called Finwell Legal Services that could potentially assist.
    You only need to ask the customer for their Name, Surname and cell number.
    You can inform the customer that they will receive a call from Finwell with the next 48 hours.
    Thank the customer and move onto the next customer.


    Earn a commission for each lead that becomes a sale. Commissions are paid on a weekly basis.

    How to earn R10 000 per month:

    • Send 10 leads per day
    • 5 of these leads become actual sales
    • R100 per sale = R500 per day
    • 5 sales per day x 20 days in a month = R10 000 commission

    Here is a simple process flow for a learner to follow: