The process is very simple.

  • Affordable distribution is NOT debt review or debt counselling, nor administration
  • There are NO court or legislative processes
  • Your monthly earnings should exceed R7,500 per month (We have other products should you earn less)
  • We simply determine who you owe money to
  • We then ascertain how much you can afford to pay each month
  • To perform the above assessment, we will bill you R685 once off
  • Should you wish to continue with the process, we will determine an affordable monthly amount in consultation with you (Minimum R2,500)
  • We negotiate an affordable monthly instalment with everyone you owe money to
  • The amount you pay is divided between everyone you owe money to over a period of time
  • You pay us one amount and we pay everyone else
  • Our service to you is NOT listed on the credit bureaus
  • The people you owe money to might have listed you, but once they are paid we can assist in clearing your credit record